Monday, December 10, 2007

I am not alone....

There have been quite a number of people contributing to my facilitated page which is great. I discovered something called a category that i set to 'facilitated and in need of input' and i also added my page to the list on the FET 8611 table of contents so i think this may have really helped.

I have received comments from a number of people who also experienced problems with the slow and jerky nature of Second Life and this has put me off heading back into the world a little bit. I will give it another go though.

I also finally received some information on inviting guests into KG to get some external contribution to my page. It sounds like it was supposed to be easy to find the information but i read the section on guests and there was no link to anything else. Anyway, it all sounds like its a lot of effort for all involved and not a popular thing to do so i have played with the category of may page again and made it public so all can see it. I plan to invite a couple of people from work to have a look and provide some further comments for me - with their permission i will add their comments to the page.

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