Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Almost there...

Finally managed to get assignment number two lodged today. I had a huge meltdown on Monday when pressing CTRL S to save my near completed assigment it just disappeared. It wasn't locked or anything else and MS Word didn't recover the doc when i shut it down and opened it again - it was just completely gone. There was a temporay file there but i could not open it.

I tried everything suggested on the MS website, had a technician do a house call to attemp recovery (cheap in Cambodia but not sure how good they are!) and even called MS support in Australia but to no avail. In the end my husband managed to get the details of another technician who could come out on Tuesday morning so i decided to do what my IT support at work always did with out network computers - log off and log back on again. We always laughed as this was the first thing they asked you when you rang the helpdesk!! No one here had mentioned it though. I was too scared to log off initially as i thought while i could still see the temp file that it was there somewhere and i thought i would lose it once i logged off. In the end there wasn't anything else to do so i hesitantly selected restart and crossed my fingers!

You can image my HUGE suprise when I clicked on the temp file again and it opened. I had lost about 5 minutes work and the pictures I had included - in the scheme of things absolutely nothing!! I was SOOOOOOO happy - I had wasted a whole day almost on this and was now behind where i wanted to be in order to meet the assessment requirements for both subjects that i am doing but at least I did not have to do the assignment all over again!!

I can't believe that I have almost finised these two subjects :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not much to add

Very little to add this week. Last week I updated my page with some more information and asked some additional questions. I have had no responses to those questions however a couple of people have left comments regarding Second Life.

I will be spending the rest of this week finalising assignment 1 and researching for assignment 2 as well as completing assessment for my other subject.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

KG page updated finally

It has been a little while since I last posted a blog entry. I have been really busy with assessment for my other subject. I did manage to check my page against the assessment criteria provided by Peter. I added a few things and worked a bit more on the format.

I finally got around to adding further information and additional questions to my facilitated page on Second Life in KG. I then posted a message with a link to the page in the shoutbox to try to get some more contributions.

I spent some time looking at the page and experimenting with some options for format as it is pretty long now. In the end I couldn't decide how to restructure the page - I had a look at a few others and although I didn't get any great ideas I was pretty impressed with the amount of input i have received to my page. One of the options I looked at was using hidden comments but I don't like how they are placed on the page so i decided to leave it as it is.

Just discovered that another student had left a comment in my blog - interesting - I haven't read anyone else's blog and didn't realise others were reading mine!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Status change...

Just before heading off on a Christmas break I received feedback from the other work colleague that i had been waiting on. I added her comments to the page along with those of my other colleague and updated the status of the page to return it to 'facilitated - in need of input' to allow course particiants to once again add comments.

I feel that the page itself is now getting too long and i intend to spend this week working out how to redesign it and then adding some new questions/information for comment.

I also need to look at the assessment criteria again and gain a further understanding of the requirements for the facilitated page in assignment 1 in relation to the requirements for assignment 2.

At the same time i have assessment requirements for my other subject, decisions to make about what to choose as my last subject and my in-laws arriving on the 20th of this month!!